March 5, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. A. H.@

I beg to move for the hon. the Minister of Marine and Fisheries: that on Tuesday next the House go into Committee of the Whole to consider the following proposed resolution. I beg to inform the House that His Excellency the Governor General assents to the resolution:
Resolved, That it is expedient to authorize the Governor in Council to enter into a contract or contracts for a term not exceeding ten years with any individual or company, for the performance of a steamship service between a port or ports in Canada and a French port or ports, on such terms and conditions as the Governor in Council deems expedient, and to grant therefor a subsidy not exceeding two hundred thousand dollars a year, based upon a minimum service of fifteen round voyages a year, and a subsidy therefor not exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, and so in proportion for a more frequent service.
Motion agreed to 64

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