February 25, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Oswald Smith Crocket

Conservative (1867-1942)


I believe that when this vote was proposed last year, the hon. member from Carleton made a statement Mr. CARVELL.
somewhat similar to the statement he has made to-night in regard to the proposal of this survey being made by the boards of trade of Woodstock and Fredericton. It is quite true that these bodies were very much interested in the improvement of the navigation on the St. John river between Fredericton and Woodstock. I urged that matter several times in the House; but that was the first intimation we had that these boards of trade or any responsible people had asked of this government to make an appropriation of $5,000 or $10,000 to survey the water between Fredericton and Woodstock. I think that the members of the Fredericton Board of Trade will be very much surprised to learn it. There are eight or ten places in the river where dredging is required, and these were just as well known as the post offices along the river. I had correspondence myself with the Public Works Department, which show that they have had for years reports on the matter, sent in by Mr. Shewan, of St. John, a competent authority, these reports gave the department all the inforamtion that could possibly be attained or that was reasonably necessary for the purpose of determining what appropriations would be necessary. I do not withdraw one word of what I said with reference to the perfect foolishness of this vote. It was the subject of laughter during the election campaign wherever referred to by the people living along the river and the people in Fredericton, Bo much so that the gentleman in charge to whom my hon. friend has made reference, became known to his friends as the hydro-grapher. The money was expended, and that seems to be the only object to whom my hon. friend has made reference. If we had one or two of the bars and obstacles dredged from the channel between Fredericton and Woodstock, we would have had some benefit from the expenditure, but to pay out such a sum in such a moment, for the purpose of getting information that the department has and has had for years on the file, is certainly the height of folly.

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