February 25, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Frank Broadstreet Carvell



As I do not have any public works in my constituency, and do not ask for any, I did not suppose that I would have to take a hand in these debates about public works in New Brunswick. But as the hon. mmber for York (Mr. Crocket) seems to be somewhat excited over this matter of the survey of the River St. John,
I would like to point out to him, what I have pointed out within a year in this

House, that this survey of the St. John river was done at the request of a public meeting in Woodstock, attended by a number of influential people from his own constituency, including the board of trade from his own city, who came to Woodstock, and joined the board of trade of that town in passing a resolution asking me to use my influence with the government to have this survey made in order to ascertain if it would not be possible to have water communication between Woodstock and Fredericton during a longer period of the year 1 brought the matter before the Minister of Public Works and his department, and they went into it; and I think it comes with poor grace from the hon. member for York to refer to this as a fake survey. No man knows better than he does that there never was a more genuine attempt made to secure a public improvement. The hon. gentleman has referred to Mr. Hansen, who was employed in the work. He would not say to Mr. Hansen's face what he has said tonight; and he would not say with regard to another gentlemen-and a good Conservative at that-Mr. Miles, who was employed on that survey, what he has said to-night; and I do not think he would say in his own constituency what he has said to-night.

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