February 25, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Oswald Smith Crocket

Conservative (1867-1942)


If the hon. member for Kings and Albert will consult his friend, the hon. member for Carleton, N.B., (Mr. Carvell), I think he will be able to gratify his curiosity as to what was meant by the references to the ' fake survey of the land ' and also to the ' fool survey of the water.' The hon. gentleman no doubt still has a recollection of the survey for the Transcontinental railway which was conducted along the banks of the St. John river during the election campaign of 1904 and of his strong denunciation of the character of that survey at the last Liberal convention at St. John. On that occasion the hon. member for Carleton declared that the survey was no survey at all, that there was not so much as even a profile of it to represent the thousands of dollars which it cost the people of the country. This is what I called and what the people of the St. John valley called ' the fake survey.' The expression seemed to sum up the views of the hon. member for Carleton (Mr. Carvell) in short metre. I hope my hon. friend from Kings-Albert now understands the reference. As to the fool survey of the water that was applied to the survey of the river between Fredericton and Woodstock which was made in a tow-boat during the last campaign under the management of a young man named A. E. Hanson, and which the minister has informed us will require another five thousand dollars in addition to the five thousand dollars which was voted last year to pay the bills.

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