July 7, 1967 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. C.-A. Gauthier@Roberval

Mr. Speaker, for the French-Canadian group it is my privilege to represent in the house, it will be readily understood what joy it is for us to support the motion of the Acting Prime Minister (Mr. Martin) to confer the title of honorary officer of this house to such a man as Mr. Raymond who has given 18 years of his life as Clerk of the House of Commons.
Mr. Speaker, I feel that for us, a third party, particularly a new party in the house, we owe a personal debt of gratitude to Mr. Raymond for his warm and so understanding reception after our first election.
Mr. Raymond has always been also the first man for the new member to meet and from him we get our first greeting. For the second year member, Mr. Raymond has shown himself to be a valuable adviser, just as he was through the years for any member who sat in this house. Mr. Raymond has always been there to give us the necessary encouragement to fulfil our task.

We feel Mr. Raymond has been a model of simplicity and dignity in the pursuance of his duties. His undisputed competence, due to his thorough knowledge of the two languages, makes Mr. Raymond the perfect model of the Canadian civil servant. Through his frankness and his charitable disposition, and particularly through his fairness, he has earned the confidence of all in this house.
For us and for those who come after us, I feel that Mr. Raymond will be an example to follow, and we wish him long and happy days. Rest assured, Mr. Raymond, that we will always be happy to meet you and to shake your hand.
[DOT] (11:20 a.m.)

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