July 7, 1967 (27th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Paul Joseph James Martin (Secretary of State for External Affairs)


Hon. Paul Martin (Acting Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, the Clerk of the house is discharging his duties for the last time today as he is retiring.
I have no doubt that all the members of the house will join with me in expressing our appreciation to Mr. Raymond for the outstanding and learned way in which he has performed his duties since his appointment to that important post in 1949.
He served his country for many a year, first as member of parliament and then, for 18 years, as Clerk of the house.
Allow me to express, in the absence of the Prime Minister (Mr. Pearson), our personal gratitude for his constant courtesy and untiring attention to administrative matters which are of such importance for the debates of the house.

Mr. Speaker, we all recognize that Mr. Raymond has served his country for a long time with great distinction; first, as many of us recall, as a distinguished member of this house and then, as we all know, for 18 years as Clerk of the House of Commons. The Prime Minister would like to have been here today to express his personal gratitude for the great contribution made by Mr. Raymond. It is my privilege in his absence to thank Mr. Raymond for his courteous attention to all of us and for the remarkable way in which, through his great knowledge of our rules and procedures, he has enabled us to carry out more efficiently the responsibilities entrusted to us by the people of Canada.
[DOT] (11:10 a.m.)
It is now my privilege to move a resolution, to be seconded by the right hon. Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Diefenbaker), which I am sure will meet with acceptance by all the
members of this house. I move, seconded by the right hon. Leader of the Opposition:
That the members of this house, desiring to record their deep appreciation of the long and distinguished services rendered by Mr. Leon-J. Raymond, Esquire, O.B.E., as Clerk of the House of Commons, and acknowledging the dignity and profound learning with which he graced his office, designate him as honorary officer of the House of Commons with an entree to the chamber and a seat at the table on ceremonial occasions.

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