February 23, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Laird Borden (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Conservative (1867-1942)


So far as the unrevised edition is concerned, it is perfectly clear that up to the present time there has been practically no French edition whatever. As both languages are used in the House it seems to be a fairly reasonable proposition that there should be a French unrevised ' Hansard ' as well as an English, and from that standpoint I would be inclined to concur in the report of the committee. So far as distribution to the press is concerned there is something in what my hon. friend from Grey (Mr. Sproule) has urged, that some hon. member may occasionally be put in an unfortunate position through the inadvertant alteration by the 'Hansard' reporters of something that he has said. For example, he may have used the word * not.' It may happen in the hurry of debate, in the confusion that very often arises in the House, that word may escape the attention of the reporter and in that way _ he may be made to say precisely the onnosite to that which he did say. However, I would think difficulties of that kind would be only very oc-

casional and I would suggest to the Committee on Debates that when the unrevised 'Hansard' goes out to the press and the country-as a matter of fact it goes out to the press and the country to-day because every enterprising newspaper gets a copy of the unrevised-but when it goes out in this formal way it might be worth while to put a note at the commencement of each day's 'Hansard' explaining that it is subject to correction and has not been revised by the different members who have spoken. If that were done it would probably minimize the objection of the hon. member for East Grey (Mr. Sproule).

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