April 26, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Richard Albert Bell

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bell (Carleion):

Mr. Speaker, I feel as keenly about the situation of the dairy industry as does the hon. member for Roberval. I think he would be doing a grave disservice to those dairymen he represents and that I represent by acting at cross purposes with those representing other people in Canada. I suggest to the hon. gentleman that if he will consider carefully what he is doing he will realize that he is doing a disservice to the very people he ought to be serving. I shall fight the battle in the next session on the point of view the hon. member has expressed here. Many on the other side of the house will battle the Minister of Agriculture.
If the hon. gentleman persists tonight he may lose some of the support he has and some of the sympathy which has been extended to the dairy industry of the country. The hon. gentleman might be responsible for the dairy industry not being treated as fairly as it ought to be treated.

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