April 26, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Arnold Peters

New Democratic Party

Mr. Peters:

Then I misunderstood that, but I repeat that in the near future the minister will have to make a decision on total pooling. Also in the near future the minister should call a conference that all farm organizations have been seeking. When the agricultural committee was out in western Canada we heard the same plea in each province, that a conference should be called of provincial and federal officials at which the whole problem could be discussed by the various agricultural ministers, the farm advisers and the officials of the various departments. We should not be comparing one period with another. This only indicates that although we sometimes think we may be making some policy decisions, we are not really making any decisions at all.
All we are doing is rearranging the small changes which take place. When the minister refers to the Conservative legislation, this is one reason that I find no difference between that policy and the policy of the Liberal government, because really it is not the minister who makes the policy decisions, it is the senior officials in the department. This, probably,
April 26, 1967

will be amusing to the farmers who have known this for a long time. I believe this places all members who are interested in this problem in the position of perhaps being more sympathetic to the minister, who may have difficulties which we do not know anything about. Perhaps we should be more sympathetic toward the minister and provide more constructive criticism so that we all can help accomplish what I believe is inevitable; that is, an arrangement whereby all the milk can be pooled so that the discrimination will be removed. In this way the whole industry from coast to coast could be handled under the auspices of the national dairy commission. This should remove many of the anomalies.
We should be able to accomplish something in this manner and probably this would give the minister some encouragement to go forward from the present situation to one which, with the pooling of milk, he could arrange a meeting with the provincial officials as well as the farm organizations so that the matter could be clarified to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, and so that finally an arrangement could be arrived at whereby the duplication may be eliminated. I hope the minister will ask for the co-operation of the various departments of the provincial governments which will have to be involved in this, so that in the near future a policy may be arrived at which will provide for the pooling of all milk no matter which market it is geared to.

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