April 26, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Gaston Clermont


Mr. Clermont:

The present government has done much more than the previous one, because if I recall a statement made by the former minister of agriculture during a banquet held in 1962, in honour of the hon. member for Joliette-L'Assomption-Montcalm, he is reported as saying on that occasion: "Now, we will take care of the eastern producers." Now, what did he do between 1957 and 1962? I think he had followed the advice of the hon. member for Charlevoix, he had listened to the grievances, the representations of the agricultural class, but he did not do anything for the dairy farmers.
As I said, sir, do not be embarrassed, do not be ashamed to meet the agricultural class, you have improved their lot. You did not fulfil their demands 100 per cent, but you are finally going forward and I hope you will continue to help the agricultural class, the dairy farmers. I hope, Mr. Chairman, that my colleagues in the province of Quebec and in other provinces will not listen to the advice of the hon. member for Villeneuve (Mr. Caouette) when he said that he was not afraid to vote against the government to overthrow it.
Let us be serious. Most farmers would be loathe to return to the former government's policy.
Then, Mr. Chairman, again I assure the dairy producers that the Liberal members, as well as the other members from the province of Quebec and the other provinces-and I am much more open-minded than the previous speaker-that all the Quebec members, whatever their political label will keep striving to obtain for the dairy farmers the price they ask, that is $5.10 per hundredweight, for milk containing 3.5 per cent butter fat.

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