April 21, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Clement (Tommy) Douglas

New Democratic Party

Mr. T. C. Douglas (Burnaby-Coquillam):

Mr. Speaker, may I be permitted on behalf of my colleagues to extend birthday greetings to the right hon. Prime Minister and to say to him how pleased we are to see him in such good health and good spirits. He has a very arduous year ahead of him during our centennial celebrations, and we are pleased that he is able to tackle his long list of commitments and to continue to be so effervescent here in the house. We hope his good health will continue.
[DOT] (11:10 a.m.)
I noticed earlier this week that the President of the Privy Council (Mr. Gordon) expressed the hope that the Prime Minister would continue as leader of his party. I
should like to support that hope. When I look around at some of the prospective candidates for that office I feel that we would rather bear the ills we have than flee to those we know not of, or perhaps some that we know only too well. I would say to the Prime Minister that on this auspicious occasion we are happy to join in extending birthday felicitations to him, and hope he will continue to enjoy many more years in which to receive the appreciation of the Canadian people for his long years of public service.

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