April 19, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rémi Paul

Mr. Prud'homme:

That is the name I have heard many times since this debate started.
[DOT] (4:30 p.m.)

However, I cannot understand those relentless attacks against a man by the name of Lee.

I have heard it said of Mr. David McIntosh of the Canadian Press that he is biased, superficial, and does not report objectively to the Canadian population. He may be biased yet many editorials are written on his reports, columns are based on them and cartoons are drawn. I do not wish it to be thought that when I speak I reflect the words of Mr. Lee, just as I do not think when the hon. member for Athabasca speaks he reflects the hidden words of Mr. McIntosh. I do not care to behave in that way. I shall now continue:
Modern-and future-military operations call for hard, business-like methods. The scientist, the engineer and the logistics expert will be allimportant.
That might have concerned the hon. member for Brandon-

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