April 19, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Rémi Paul

Mr. Prud'homme:

Air Vice Marshal Sully. [Translation]
Let us listen now to Commodore A. B. Fraser-Harris, who said the following in a telegram he sent to the Canadian Press, probably to Mr. David Macintosh, of whom I should like to speak later:

Heard from abroad the traditionalist uproar against service unification. At a time when enlightened people throughout the world are learning at last that the pigment of human skin is not a mark of quality, local concern over the colour of a uniform or the title of a man appears singularly unimpressive.
And please listen to this:
Let us always be willing to learn from history and be strengthened by tradition but let us never forget that history is made by the actions of men
April 19, 1967

National Defence Act Amendment and that men create tradition and pride of title not vice versa.
Unification of the three services is undoubtedly sound and timely. Let interservice jealousy, personal rivalry and the extravagances of triplication give way to a single, effective and streamlined service in which Canadians can build future history and new tradition in the service of Canada, whether by land, sea, air or space.

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