April 3, 1967 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Robert Knight Andras


Mr. Andras:

Mr. Chairman, I wanted to establish that one of the important factors in the deliberations of the defence committee or, for that matter, in any other committee of the house is a dependence upon the formation of public opinion by objective, hard working reporting in depth. I think the article from which I have been quoting reflects these qualities. Since I am prevented from quoting it completely I commend it to every member of this house, particularly to those who did not have the opportunity to sit on the defence committee. It is an admirable condensation and an excellent summary of the issue before us.
I believe the press has a responsibility to report fully and objectively. It is possible that the debate upon which we are now engaged will be prolonged and impassioned, and in order that the public may judge the issue on its merits I hope the standard of reporting matches that from which I have just quoted. If so, it will have done a great service to the public. This article contains, in my opinion, a very rational approach to the subject before us. It weighs the issues rather than the personalities and I believe we in the house for the balance of this debate might well adopt the objective thinking embodied in this article by Mr. Westell.

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