February 10, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


Frederick Debartzch Monk

Conservative (1867-1942)


(Translation.) It is false, it is untrue, for the movement is continuing. It is not as intense to-day as it was in the beginning, by reason of circumstances ably set forth by my hon. friend from L'Islet, but it is continuing all the same. Have the parishes formerly deserted been repopulated? When we journey through the province of Quebec and see the closed houses and abandoned farms, do we find that any of them have been taken up by others among our countrymen ? Not at all.
I may say that in my own constituency where the evil referred to by the hon. member for LTslet has not been felt to the same extent as in other localities, owing to the nearness of a great city, these houses have nevertheless remained closed. There are also closed houses in the county represented by the hon. Minister of Marine and Fisheries. A friend of mine living in that county was telling me last summer that in Rou-ville, houses closed as a result of that exodus have since been left unoccupied.

Subtopic:   RENE DUPONT.
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