February 5, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Perry Graham (Minister of Railways and Canals)


Hon. GEO. P. GRAHAM (Minister of Railways and Canals).

I will not detain the House with any lengthy remarks, for the hon. gentleman (Mr. W. F. Maclean) and I discussed the matter pretty fully the other day. I am afraid I should have to repeat what I said then. But, even though it be a repetition, I may say that the question of rates and the question of service, as to both freight and passengers, have been handed over to the Railway Commissioners, and I stand to my opinion that, having adopted this course, we should follow it until it proves a failure-which I think it will never prove. I think that the Board of Railway Commissioners have done a work as good as any like body in the world, perhaps better. As to the order in council to which the hon. gentleman refers, I will have pleasure in bringing it down. I overlooked it.

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