February 4, 1909 (11th Parliament, 1st Session)


James Davis Taylor

Conservative (1867-1942)


Mr. Chairman, I have been listening to the debate all evening, and have heard a large variety of topics discussed, but have not heard anybody called down yet for being out of order. I do not think I am going further astray than those who have preceded me. In answer to the minister who has asked the question, I would like to explain the circumstances which occurred at this meeting in Chilliwack. We were discussing the question of better terms. In answer to our argument that we were not receiving from this government the terms we had a right to expect, we were told by the Minister of Inland Revenue that the province of British Columbia was about to receive better terms from the government at Ottawa. But, he stated, instead of giving this money to be squandered by the McBride government, they were spreading it over the province in the shape of appropriations for government works of all kinds. Why, he said, we have given you a substantial public building in every place of any importance in the province; we have purchased in Chilliwack a valuable site, and we intend to erect a first-class building upon it. Of course we all understood, every reasonable man would understand, the minister to mean that having purchased a site he intended to proceed immediately with the erection of that building. I submit that'it was not businesslike on the part of this government to buy an expensive site in the city of Chilliwack, promising the people that if this government were returned they would erect this building, and then, after the government had been returned, to turn around and say: We find that the finances are so straitened
we have no money with which to erect a building, and we propose to allow the lot to stand idle and take the money we intended to expend in Chilliwack and with it erect a palatial residence at the city of Ottawa for a highly paid official of this government. I submit that is not the proper way in which this government should treat the people of British Columbia.
Some resolutions reported.
Mr. PATERSON moved the adjournment of the House.

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