February 21, 1966 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Lewis Mackenzie Brand

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Brand:

1. Does the government plan to introduce legislation this session to provide capital and operational assistance to sheltered workshops for the mentally handicapped throughout Canada?
Later comprehensive estimates have not been completed. During the two-year period 1963-1964-$415 million, $69 million and $51 million flowed into Canada from the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries respectively for direct investment in foreign controlled concerns, and $1,327 million for the net acquisition of portfolio Canadian stocks and bonds by residents of the United States against which there were outflows of $128 million and $5 million for the net repurchases of such securities from the United Kingdom and other overseas countries respectively. The increase in the value of foreign-owned investments in Canada would be larger because of retained earnings.
In the first nine months of 1965 the net inflows from all countries for direct investment and for the acquisition of Canadian securities amounted to $290 million and $428 million respectively.
2. See statement attached.
foreign financial markets'* 1 2' <2>
Market 1963 1964 1965
Private -($'000 Canadian)-
placement 135,135 - -Various 330,000 416,000 270,000""Various 42,000 152,000 47,000'*'Various 309,000 300,000 422,000'3 4'2. If so, will provision be made for all levels of
mental retardation, or will the legislation be limited to those who with training may achieve normal or near normal levels of production?

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