February 2, 1966 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Mr. Siarr (Official Opposition House Leader; Progressive Conservative Party House Leader)

Progressive Conservative

1. Was there a management survey made of the Department of Labour in 1965?
2. What was the purpose of this survey?
3. What were the terms of reference?
4. Were tenders called for the purpose of this
survey? .
5. How many tenders were received?
6. Was the lowest tender accepted?
7. What was the name of the firm which was the successful tenderer and conducted the survey?
8. What was the total cost of this survey?
9. Has a report been submitted by the firm conducting the survey?
10. Is this report available for public scrutiny?
Mr. B. S. Mackasey (Parliamentary
Secretary to Minister of Labour): 1. Yes.
2. Principally to examine the manpower activities of the department with a view to developing an effective organizational structure.
3. (a) To study the functions and organization of the National Employment Service and other branches of the department directly engaged in activities relating to the development and use of manpower at departmental headquarters and representative regional and local field offices; (b) To examine the functions and organization of the other branches
February 2, 1966

of the department in relation to that of the department as a whole; (c) To develop and recommend an organizational structure and division of responsibilities at all significant levels, including effective working relationships, to meet the developing needs of the department in the accomplishment of its objectives in manpower and other fields of endeavour.
4. Yes.
5. Five.
6. Yes.
7. Woods, Gordon and Company, 75 Wellington Street, Toronto, Ontario.
8. $40,250.
9. Yes.
10. Yes, a limited number of copies were prepared and circulated initially on a restricted basis; these can be made available to members of parliament for examination.

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