January 28, 1966 (27th Parliament, 1st Session)


Lewis Mackenzie Brand

Progressive Conservative

Mr. L. M. Brand (Saskatoon):

Mr. Speaker,
I should like to direct a question to the Secretary of State for External Affairs which arises from an answer he gave to the hon. member for Winnipeg South Centre on orders of the day yesterday. In response to that question with reference to assistance to South Viet Nam in the form of medical supplies and so forth, the minister stated in part:
We have had some discussions in this connection with the Red Cross.
It is my understanding that the International Red Cross do not recognize the Viet Nam war as a declared war and have not prior to this time extended their facilities to those engaged in this conflict. Does the minister's statement indicate that the substance of the discussions held have been an attempt to change the attitude of the Red Cross in this regard, or does it indicate that the attitude has already been changed?

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