June 30, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Donald Stovel Macdonald (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Mr. D. S. Macdonald (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Justice):

The most
recent expression of Government inten-

tion on this subject was contained in the press release following the federal-provincial conference held in November, 1963, as follows:
"Some provincial governments explained the difficulties they have in enforcing the provisions of the Criminal Code in respect of lotteries and gambling. Suggestions were made that the institution of provincial lotteries would alleviate the situation. Other provinces, however, opposed this suggestion. The Federal Government indicated that it had no interest in instituting a Federal lottery but undertook to consider the amendment of the Criminal Code in the light of the views put forward."
The government has not come to any decision as to what amendments, if any, should be proposed for the lottery sections of the Criminal Code.

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