July 15, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


John Dowsley Reid

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. J. D. REID (Grenville).

I protest absolutely' against the dam being built. It certainly would be unfair to have it built and destroy the navigation on the St. Lawrence. The hon. member for Cornwall (Mr. Pringle) complains that I have been finding-fault with the St. Lawrence Power Company. I have not been finding fault with them as a corporation, I have been criticising the agreement made by this government with the St. Lawrence Power Company for eighty-nine years, which . I think is' outrageous, while the price the government are paying this company is simply absurd. A scheme of this kind is such a great scheme, affecting the w-hole marine interests in this country, that I think no action should be taken by the government in regard to it until the whole matter is submitted to parliament. I only rose to ask if the Prime Minister can see his way to give us a promise that no action will be taken in the direction of granting a charter or the right to dam the River St. Lawrence until the matter is submitted to parliament and thoroughly discussed here. The right hon. gentleman did state a few months ago that nothing would be done until everv one had an opportunity of being heard; but I think we should have that opportunity in parliament, and if the Prime Minister would give us that promise, I do not think there will be any reason for detaining the House any longer at this time, as the matter could come up next session.

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