July 15, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



We have received representations on this subject from several organizations, especially the commercial travellers. They have been informed officially that this year Thanksgiving Day will be on Monday instead of Thursday.
1 boar two years old $180
1 boar yearling 160
1 boar yearling 80
1 boar under one year
651 boar under one year
801 boar under seven months
351 brood sow 4 yearly sows
[DOT] [DOT] [DOT] 1603 sows, eight months
2552 hogs, eight months
321 hog, eight months (died)
161 sow (died)
This amount was paid to Mr. Brethour by the department on the 5th of April 1905. The department ordered a veterinary surgeon to go to Point Edward and examine the hogs when in quarantine. In a letter to Dr. Rutherford, Director Veterinary General, Ottawa, addressed to him by Mr. Perdue, I find the following :
Chatham, November 21, 1901.
It is a question hard to decide whether the bogs contracted the disease while at St. Louis or at Point Edward. Dr. Brown is of the opinion that these hogs became infected while at St. Louis, as one was coughing when it arrived at Point Edward, and was the first to succumb to the disease. The second hog that died I examined and found one of his lungs almost entirely hepatized.
Mr. Brethour applied for compensation and on December 21, 1901, the Minister of Agriculture wrote him as follows :
Dear Mr. Brethour,-I have yours of December 21 with reference to the hogs slaughtered at the Prince Edward quarantine. I note what you say with regard to the exposure of your hogs and will carefully consider the whole matter with Dr. Rutherford. On the first blush, however, I cannot see any possibility of paying compensation.
Yours very truly,

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