May 26, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Julia Verlyn (Judy) LaMarsh (Minister of Amateur Sport; Minister of National Health and Welfare)


Hon. Judy V. LaMarsh (Minister of National Health and Welfare):

Representations have been received by the Department of National Health and Welfare from officers of Allergy
May 26. 1965

Information requesting that the labels of all food products carry a complete list of ingredients.
The organization has been informed that the problem with respect to the sensitivity of many people to certain food ingredients and the need for listing ingredients on the labels of all food products are under active study by the Food and Drug Directorate. The matter was also referred for consideration to the Advisory Council of Consumers at a meeting held at Ottawa during February of this year. The members of the Council agreed that more information should appear on food labels but that the process of revision should be a gradual one. They felt that the whole allergy problem should be investigated with a view to determining the number of allergy sufferers in Canada and ascertaining the ingredients to which people are most frequently sensitive. This information is now being gathered by the Food and Drug Directorate and it is hoped that an early and practical solution to the problem can be found.
Changes have been embodied in the Food and Drug Regulations during the past year to require more complete listing of ingredients and more informative labelling. It is expected that, as time goes by, the number of foods exempted from a list of ingredients will be reduced and that many of the standardized foods will require an ingredient list on the label.

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