May 26, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Whitney Pickersgill (Minister of Transport)


Hon. J. W. Pickersgiil (Minister of Transport):

Mr. Speaker, I believe I have a question of privilege arising out of a question of privilege raised last evening at ten o'clock by the hon. Member for Edmonton West at a time when I v/as not-and I apologize for this-in the House. In that statement the hon. gentleman, I think, misled the House as to the attitude I had taken earlier in the debate, and also I think misled the House as to his own attitude in the matter.
I should like to read very briefly, sir, from what the hon. gentleman said; I will not read all he said:
During the course of my remarks I was questioned by the Minister of Transport (Mr. Pickersgiil) as to the first occasion on which there had been an appeal, under Standing Order 26, from Mr. Speaker's ruling. On that occasion the Minister suggested that the appeal had come from the official opposition.
Well, Sir, I made no such suggestion. I would draw hon. Members' attention to Hansard, page 1638, where the hon. Member for Edmonton West accused us on this side of the House, because we had later voted in an opposite sense from the sense in which we had voted on the occasion to which he referred when he was Speaker, in these words:
Not only was that an exercise in hypocrisy, it was cynical.
I interrupted him and asked who made the appeal on that occasion. I asked because I did not know who made it and I was seeking information. The hon. Member went on:
It was contemptuous and it was contemptible. It was cynical in that it was repeated on a number of occasions.
Then, Sir, the hon. Member went on in his question of privilege to say:
I would like to clearly point out that the appeal came from the hon. Member for Burnaby-Coquit-lam (Mr. Douglas) and that he was ably abetted in that appeal by the hon. Member for Winnipeg North Centre (Mr. Knowles).
The date was given as June 17, 1963, and I have looked up the record. It is true that although the right hon. gentleman has sought to move the adjournment of the House, the appeal was taken by the hon. Member for Burnaby-Coquitlam, and the appeal was put to the House. I have here the Hansard for June 17. I have the list of those who voted for the appeal, who voted in a manner which the hon. Member for Edmonton West has characterized as hypocrisy, cynicism and contempt of Parliament, and I find in the list of those who voted the ex-Speaker of the House, the hon. Member for Edmonton West.

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