July 14, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edmund James Bristol

Conservative (1867-1942)


Section 17 provides for the amendment of section 173 of the Act, which provides :
In counting the votes, the deputy returning officer shall reject all ballet papers-
(a) which have not been supplied by him; or
(b) by which votes have been given for more candidates than are to be elected; or
(c) upon which there is any writing or mark by which the voter could be identified other than the numbering by the deputy returning officer in the cases hereinbefore provided for.
To this section this amendment is proposed in the Bill :
Provided, however, that no ballot paper shall be rejected on account of any writing, number or mark placed thereon*by any deputy returning officer.
I would suggest that there should be added to that-so that the deputy returning officer's notice will be called to it

but any deputy returning officer placing any writing, number or mark thereon shall be subject to the provisions of section 255.
This would put the enactment right in the place where the deputy gets information as to how he is to count the ballots. His attention will be called to the provision of this penalty.

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