May 18, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Whitney Pickersgill (Minister of Transport)


Mr. Pickersgill:

Mr. Speaker, without disputing the merits of anything you said, which I accept at once, I think perhaps I have a question of privilege here because the hon. Member said I misled the House. I think I can read one paragraph and one paragraph only from a statement handed to me by Mr. Goodwin himself on Friday subsequent to the article quoted by the hon. gentleman, which incidentally, if I understood the quotation correctly, did not in any place confirm the Mail Star's report that there was any danger to safety. What Mr. Goodwin said was that the radar, which is a new kind of installation that is going to improve the performance at the Halifax airport and speed up the landings, was not yet in full operation, and that is perfectly correct. But in the final paragraph of his statement which he gave to

me he says this, and for the guidance of the House I have it in my hand:
I can assure you that there is no lack of safety provisions for air traffic at Halifax and that our equipment, personnel and procedures are in keeping with the highest Canadian and international standards.
In the light of that, and so far as the alleged collision is concerned, it seems to me that no one in the Department of Transport has any evidence whatever to suggest that there was any such possible or potential collision, and I am quite sure that anyone who knows Mr. McGregor's long record and the wonderful record of Air Canada for safety will be quite sure that Mr. McGregor would not have denied a story of this sort if he had had any evidence whatever that there was anything in it.

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