May 5, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Napier Turner (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources)


Mr. John N. Turner (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources):

1. Northlander Motor Lodges Ltd., 2285 Commissioner St., Vancouver, British Columbia. President-H. J. C. Terry; Secretary- H. H. Hartford.
2. The right to operate the lodge was given April 19, 1963. A building permit for the construction of the lodge was issued August 21, 1963. The lodge was partially opened to the public on July 20, 1964.
3. Yes, but in addition to the lodge, the successful tenderer was required to establish a service station, coffee shop and general store with space for a post office, as well as to submit the most satisfactory proposal in regard to the quality of the proposed development in respect of architectural design both
[Mr. Cantin.J
exterior and interior, landscaping, quality of service to the public, quality of furnishings and equipment to be provided, demonstrated ability to finance and operate the concession.
Name of Tender Amount
Selkirk Development Ltd.,
640 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia. $ 3,400
White, Stafford and Owen-Flood,
Banff, Alberta. 5,000
Metro Hotels Ltd.,
11311-105 Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta. 10,100
Columbia Motel Development Corp. Ltd.,
11328 Jasper Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta. 10,000
Rogers Pass Chalet Ltd.,
(Graham, Blais, Feehan & Smith)
830 Tegler Building,
Edmonton, Alberta. 3,400
Rogers Pass Chalet Ltd.,
(McLaws, Davis, Leslie, etc.)
301-8th Avenue, S.W.,
Calgary, Alberta. 4,001
Westisle Development Co. Ltd.,
510 Sharpe Street,
New Westminster, British Columbia. 3,400
May 5, 1S65

Name of Tender Amount
S. Notaris, B. Marmaras, G. Marean and D. Dacila, 629 West Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. 10,000
Dr. H. Links and Associates, 10951-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. 13,600
Timber Steel Structures Ltd., 2190 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia. 5,133
McFord Development Limited, 13120-125 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. 10,000
Northlander Motor Lodges Ltd., 2285 Commissioner Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. 5,000
Glacier Village Limited, 1030 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. 6,000
4. Not applicable.

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