May 5, 1965 (26th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Mr. Fisher

New Democratic Party

1. Did the crown appoint special counsel to prepare tax evasion charges and/or to act on its behalf in a criminal investigation regarding tax evasion by a Mark Smerchanski, of Winnipeg, Manitoba? If so, what was the counsel's name, the date of his appointment, the amount of fees paid to him as of the present date, was he instructed to prefer criminal charges against Mark Smerchanski as a result of his investigation and if so. when, and, as a result, what criminal charges, if any. were recommended to the crown?
2. Did the crown proceed with any criminal charges against Mark Smerchanski as a result of such recommendations and, if not, for what reason?
3. At what date if ever, did the crown instruct counsel to discontinue any criminal proceedings against Mark Smerchanski? If so, on whose authority were these instructions issued?
4. Did the crown receive any out of court settlement in the Smerchanski case? If so, when, what was the amount, and what items did it cover?
5. During the period between the instructions, if any, to counsel to institute criminal proceedings and any out of court settlement did the departments concerned, including the Minister of Justice or the Minister of National Revenue or the Prime Minister receive any representations, of either telephonic, letter, or personal visit form with regard to this case from any of the following residents of greater Winnipeg, Joseph O'Sullivan, or Gildas Molgat and, if so, when, and what was the gist of such representations?
6. Were the books, records, and accounts of Mark Smerchanski and any companies or partnerships in which he had an interest seized by the Department of National Revenue or any of its agents, and, if so, on what date did this take place and on what date were they returned?

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