March 25, 1965 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lewis Elston Cardiff

Progressive Conservative

Mr. L. E. Cardiff (Huron):

Mr. Speaker, my first words will be to thank you for your kind sentiments. I have, throughout the years, tried to be a man amongst men, and I have found the House of Commons a very good place to attempt that. I was brought up a farmer and I am still a farmer. In those days we had to work very hard. I was not very old when I tried to take a man's place.
Then when I came into parliament I found a different sort of work that had to be done. I think the most difficult job I tried to do after coming here was being whip of the largest government party we have ever had in Canada, 208 members. If you do not think that is a man's job, just try it. I am sure the whip on the government side right now with 130 members thinks he has a man's job. It is very easy to get along with men who are men, but even amongst members of parliament we sometimes get a few who are rather difficult to handle. During my term of office as whip I only had trouble with one man out of the 208, whom I had to put in his place, and I really put him there pretty hard. It did him a lot of good and I got a good deal of satisfaction out of doing it.

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