March 25, 1965 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frank Howard

New Democratic Party

Mr. Frank Howard (Skeena):

Mr. Speaker, if I could be somewhat regional about this and make a comment about it as it has potential application to British Columbia, I hope you will forgive me; because I feel that British Columbia is perhaps a province that has had a need for airport and seaplane base expansion and assistance far beyond that of any other province.
I think the best we can say for the minister's announcement is that it is interesting, but because the new policy is to be applied, as I understood it, to each individual airport or seaplane base on the merits of that particular airstrip or base, it seems to have a degree of vagueness about it, and it is not possible to define it any further beyond that vagueness.
The fact of the matter is that in my own province there has been growing concern for some years about the need for a fairly clearly defined policy with respect to airport assistance such as that just referred to by the minister, and it is about time something was made clear. It is to be hoped that in the application of this rather vague and indefinite policy the merits of each application will be dealt with in the true liberal tradition, in a small "1" way.

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