July 10, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Richard Stuart Lake

Conservative (1867-1942)


Because the farmer has not an elevator ; that is the reason. Now, we have been told that possibly 5 per cent of the grain which passes through Winnipeg goes into the Winnipeg elevators ; that is to say, the grain dealers mix the grain together and form a grade which is just as close as possible to tlie line between the different grades and themselves reap the benefit of that mixing, while the farmer cannot do so. 1 hold that it is better not to allow any mixing at all. All the grain when it arrives at Winnipeg should be inspected and graded. I am strongly in favour of preventing the mixing of grain at Winnipeg,, more especially as we do not permit that to be done at Port Arthur, and in this way are discriminating against the farmer who have to use elevators at Port Arthur and Fort William.

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