July 10, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Honoré Hippolyte Achille Gervais



Might I say a few words with respect to the request which has been made to the government for years for an increase of salary to the circuit court judges of the city of Montreal. As we know, in Quebec there are but three circuit court judges, who have been appointed to sit for the district of Montreal, in the other twenty districts, the circuit court work is done by the superior court judges. They have been discharging their duty for many years ; they are hearing during that time over 20,000 cases per year ; they sit about every day in the year and they are receiving a paltry salary. I think it but fair to ask that they should now be granted the increase of salary which were granted two years ago to all the circuit court judges of the other provinces. They are but three, they are clever, painstaking learned men, assiduous in their work and I think I am safe in saying that all the people in Montreal, the bar of Montreal, everybody in the district would be highly pleased to have an increase of salary of about $1,000 given to each of these judges. They are Mr. Chief Justice Leboeuf, Mr. Justice Dorion and Mr. Justice Purcell. I hope that my remarks will be given due consideration and that some provision will be made during this session. The bar of Montreal have been petitioning for years that such an increase should be granted this year if possible. These judges deserve the increase of salary that has been granted to the circuit court judges in Ontario, and I do not know why they were left out when the general increase of salaries to judges was voted by this House.

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