July 10, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Allen Bristol Aylesworth (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)



What is proposed is two extra judges in district courts in the new portion of the province of Ontario and one extra county court judge in Manitoba. The districts in Ontario are the district of which Sudbury is the centre and another new district, in the territory of Rainy River. The Sudbury district was constituted by provincial statute a year ago. It was assented to in the provincial legislature a day or two before this House prorogued in April, 1907. It was then too late to legislate here in pursuance of that statute and the consequence has been that up to the present it has not been possible to appoint a judge for the new district of Sudbury, though the necessary legislation has now been on the provincial statute-book for some 15 mouths. The officers of the court, I understand, have been appointed and the court is in existence ready to do work except that there is no judge. The appointment of a judge is very urgently needed in that district. The court in the district of Rainy River is a new district court which has been established during the session of the Ontario legislature of the present year. The work of establishing the court, so far 3-s the appoint-Mr. R. L. BORDEN.
ment of officials is concerned, has not gone so far in Rainy River as in Sudbury. I am not aware whether the sheriff and other of-licers have been appointed, but the growing needs of that portion of the province where settlement is proceeding and where the settlers are situated at very long distances from the nearest towns where courts can be held, made it absolutely necessary that these appointments should be provided for without further delay.
With regard to Manitoba there is a general statute under which the government of that province, when the appointment of another county court judge is needed, may so declare and in that way bring into force, automatically as it were, the statutory prerequisites for the establishment of the court. This county court judge is required in the northern part of the province, in the part which is at present, as I understand, filling up with settlers to a very considerable extent, and therefore, in the opinion of the provincial government, the establishment of a new court is required. It is simply with regard to these three cases that this provision is made and in each case there has been the necessary action by the provincial authorities.

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