July 13, 1964 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Moore Benidickson (Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys)

Liberal Labour

Hon. W. M. Benidickson (Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys):

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member for Port Arthur (Mr. Fisher) has referred to some of the spectacular discoveries minewise that have developed near Timmins in a territory in which he is as interested as I am. His question on the order paper was what part, if any, did the minister and his officials play in the negotiations and discussions between the Ontario department of

Proceedings on Adjournment Motion mines and this private company, and I want to tell him that so tar as I was concerned the answer is none.
The reason is that our department is a department of research. I think that in the early stages we played a very great part through the new opportunities that are available, with helicopters, airplanes and other overhead means of getting the value of the ground underneath, but personally I had nothing to do with this. Afterwards our department plays a very big part in co-operating with industry, following a discovery of this kind.
We have here in Ottawa several of what are almost factories of a fabulous nature that would help them to utilize the ores that they might get out of their ground. The hon. member for Port Arthur has raised this question of co-operation with the provincial government. The staking was entirely through provincial agencies, and the federal minister heard nothing about this. There are some additional properties that have some potential-

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