July 13, 1964 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Napier Turner (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources)


Mr. Turner:

I would suggest, Mr. Speaker, with the greatest respect, that the answer the hon. member seeks this evening is found in fairly full measure there. First, upon receipt of the final report of the Fraser river board on flood control and hydroelectric power in the Fraser river basin, which was tabled in this house and which I am sure the hon. member, with his customary thoroughness, has already read from cover to cover, the Minister of Northern Affairs and National

Resources (Mr. Laing) was in touch with Hon. Ray Williston of British Columbia and, pursuant to those original communications, the two ministers met together to discuss the consequences, in preliminary fashion, of this report. I might say that the first concrete measure undertaken will be the $4J million strengthening of the Fraser river dike works, particularly along the lower reaches of the river. That proposal has been accepted by the federal government, and the work on the more dangerous spots along the river will be commenced in short order.
As for the response to Premier Bennett's proposal about the power development and flood control on the Fraser, the minister welcomed that announcement but at the moment we are awaiting an application from the province of British Columbia. We are also awaiting the facts and figures to be adduced by the premier as between flood control and power.

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