July 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Samuel Jacob Jackson



I have an amendment that applies to another part of Manitoba. The amendment to the amendment introduced by the hon. member for Souris (Mr. Sehaffner) applies to the whole of Manitoba. I do not think the introduction of such an amendment as that of the hon. member for Souris (Mr. Sehaffner) is the way to help us out in Manitoba in inducing settlement on the lands of that province. I pointed out when the Bill was under discussion before that we have in the county of Selkirk, in the northeastern portion of Manitoba, a territory that is 200 miles long by 60 miles wide lying alongside the province of Ontario and the territory of Keewatin, and which, I say without fear of successful contradiction, is half rock and half, in pockets, good land. I have been up the Berens river 110 miles to the eastern boundary of the province, and I find that all through there is good

land scattered among the rock-territory a good deal like northern Ontario. Though it is alongside of Lake Winnipeg, and for thirty years there has been means of communication by means of the boats on that lake, we have not settlers in that country except a few along that lake at the mouths of the rivers. I think giving an inducement of 160 acres at $3 an acre would enable us to bring settlers into the province of Manitoba who would otherwise go to the western provinces. The object which the minister has in view of inducing people to go to the semi-arid country by opening up to them 320 acres of land would apply to this portion of our province. The territory in northeastern Manitoba that I have referred to is capable of carrying a large population.

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