July 13, 1964 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Donald Stovel Macdonald (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Mr. Macdonald:

1. The 1962 riot at St. Vincent de Paul cost the government the sum of $2,357,043 spent for the following purposes:

16,784 $1,320,704

(b) Indirect costs (consisting of new facilities and services designed to improve the institution's standard to an acceptable level and whose need was accentuated by the riot and fire)
New facilities 606,715
New services 429,624 1,036,339
* Grand total $2,357,043
*Includes $643,000 submitted for construction in 1964-65.
2. One hundred and ninety one inmates were transferred as a result of the riot.
3. The new security measures taken as a result of the riot are as follows: (a) The construction of chain link fences to enclose outdoor exercise areas; (b) The construction of a cement block wall to enclose the segregation area; (c) The construction of chain link divisions on all elevated cell walkways; (d) The construction and manning of an additional watch tower; (e) The relocation of one watch tower; (f) The construction and manning of two additional watch cages in cell blocks No. 1 and 2; (g) The relocation and enlargement of the watch cage in the central dome; (h) The employment of 25 additional custodial officers; (i) The implementation of a refresher training program for all personnel with emphasis on discipline and security; (j) The reorganization and intensification of the custodial staff recruits training program; (k) The institutional staff has been reorganized in five sections, each of these sections placed under the supervision of senior keepers in charge of a sector of the penitentiary.
4. (a) Seven industrial shops have been reconstructed; (b) Sports and games have been reorganized in two different exercise areas;
(c) The school has been rebuilt and a preemployment training shop has been added.
5. As a result of the report of the board of enquiry, there was not sufficient evidence justifying the dismissal of personnel. However, approximately ten custodial officers involved have resigned from the service after they had been made aware that their services were not satisfactory or that they did not possess the personal characteristics required for the efficient performance of their duties.
6. No request for special measures as a result of the riot was received from the municipality of St. Vincent de Paul, province of Quebec, where the penitentiary is located.
IMr. Macdonald.]

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