May 15, 1964 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stanley Howard Knowles (N.D.P. House Leader; Whip of the N.D.P.)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Stanley Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre):

Mr. Speaker, I should like to direct Your Honour's attention to a precedent of only a couple of weeks ago. On Monday, April 27, the hon. member for Labelle (Mr. Girouard) made a statement in the house, of which I think all hon. members are generally aware. Shortly after he had made that statement I, being in the house at the time, said this:
Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege. I should like to enter a caveat, because after we have had a chance to read what was contained in the statement made by the hon. member for Labelle, some of us may want to raise a question of privilege tomorrow and move the kind of motion which was just suggested.
The next day, April 28, I rose at the opening of the house on a question of privilege and referred to what had been said the day before, which I had by then had an opportunity to read, on the basis of which I moved a motion for reference to the committee on privileges and elections which was allowed, debated and passed unanimously.
I submit that though there is a slight difference in that the Minister of Justice did not enter a caveat last night, there is great similarity between the two cases, and what the hon. gentleman is seeking to do today is exactly what I sought to do on April 28; that is, to raise a question of privilege at 20220-209i
Question of Privilege
the first moment after there has been an opportunity to read the actual words which had been uttered.

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