May 1, 1964 (26th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Erik Nielsen

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Nielsen:

The hon. member for Winnipeg North Centre just a day or two ago expressed his view to the minister that we should not submit to having to read announcements on government policy in the press. That is what happened. The Toronto Globe and Mail was on the streets this morning at 8.30. It contained the release about which the house has still not heard because of the minister's disregard of the rules in not making an announcement on motions yesterday. The Globe and Mail had the information by five o'clock yesterday, and I had that information from the Globe and Mail office by seven o'clock.
The house is entitled to an explanation of this conduct-this disgusting conduct, since | the minister himself used that phrase last night-in making this type of release outside the house. We have been waiting for weeks for an announcement on air policy. Hon. members have been asking questions since as far back as February 26. The minister,
IMr. Nielsen.]
in contempt of the rights of the members of this house, has chosen to release the information to the press, as he has on other occasions, before informing the members of this house. This is a practice which we think is in need of correction, and in order to bring it forcefully to the attention of the government benches it seems that a substantive motion is in order. Accordingly I move, seconded by the hon. member for Grey-Bruce (Mr. Winkler):
That this house condemns the action of ministers from time to time in announcing outside of the . house policy decisions which should be announced An the house, an example of which being the announcement yesterday outside the house by the Minister of Transport of air policy, such action being a flagrant disregard of the custom, practices and privileges of this house and its members.

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