June 29, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. Sir FREDERICK BORDEN (Minister of Militia and Defence) :

1. An accident to a Ross rifle in the hands of Private Fields, A.S.C., has Ween reported to the department, which the officer commanding No. 5 Company, A.S.C. states, he believes was due to a defective or overloaded cartridge.
2. Musketry Regulations, 1905, state that ammunition is not to be exposed to extreme heat or cold, and this fact is impressed on all musketry instructors.
3. Answered in No. 2.
4. The damage is reported as follows :
' The extractor was blown out-bolt cover slightly damaged and stock slightly checked.'
5. Canadian shells are capable of being reloaded as many times as any other shells loaded with same materials. They are not, however, reloaded for service ammunition at all, nor are service cartridges reloaded by any European power.
6. For testing purposes United States cartridges are required to stand reloading twenty times, and they will actually stand It twenty-fie times, but all cartridges issued for service are made with new cases.
7. The newspaper reports to that effect are on file in the Department. The matter will be further investigated.

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