May 29, 1963 (26th Parliament, 1st Session)


Some hon. Members:

[Editor's note: For explanatory notes and tables referred to above, see appendix.]
Hon. George C. Nowlan (Digby-Annapolis-
Kings): Mr. Speaker, the statement which has just been given to the house by the Minister of Finance in connection with the tabling of these estimates is, of course, of interest to all hon. members. I have not had an opportunity to see the statement, which sometimes has been given to financial critics prior to the tabling of the estimates. All I can say at the moment is that we have listened with interest to the minister's statement and will give proper consideration to the explanations he has given. I gather from what he said that treasury board may still be dealing with a revision of these estimates. I presume, however, that the estimates which are now put before hon. members are the final estimates of his government in so far as the financial year is concerned, and we will not expect these to be amended except as further expenditures are required.
I am very happy to see some reference finally made to the report of the Glassco commission-

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