May 29, 1963 (26th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jean-Paul Deschatelets (Minister of Public Works)


Hon. J. P. Deschalelels (Minister of Public Works):

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of privilege.
I notice that my name appears on the front page of today's edition of the Globe and Mail in connection with the following:
Shortly after the Liberal victory at the polls a dinner that became known as the Ruby Foo's party was held in Montreal. The dinner brought together successful Liberal candidates and Mr. Banks. Among those reported to have attended were public works minister Jean-Paul Deschatelets, Edmund Asselin, member for Notre Dame de Grace, and George Lachance, member for Lafontaine, who acted for Bernard Boulanger, director of the S.I.U.'s welfare plan at the Norris inquiry.
I am amazed that my name should be mentioned in that report since I have never met Mr. Harold C. Banks nor even spoken to him on the telephone. I do not know him and I could not even say what he looks like. Moreover, I have never set foot in Ruby Foo's restaurant and I regret to say that I never had the pleasure of eating out with my colleagues from Notre Dame de Grace (Mr. Asselin) and Lafontaine (Mr. Lachance).
Under the circumstances, I hope that the person who wrote the article will confirm my statement after checking the facts. I must add that the hon. members for Notre Dame de Grace and Lafontaine also deny the report. [Later:]

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