February 4, 1963 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Gordon Minto Churchill (Minister of Veterans Affairs; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Progressive Conservative Party House Leader)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Churchill:

The Leader of the Opposition has accused the government of lack of decision. There is no man in Canada so decisive in indecision as the Leader of the Opposition. I know of no subject which he has debated-and I have listened to him here for 12 years-with regard to which he has not been on both sides of the subject. He tries to give the appearance of boldness. He talks about boldness. It is the boldness of a rabbit. He talks about action, "Let us have action". The action that he shows is action in retreat. That is what happened today; he dodged the issue; he retreated and evaded the topic that he was so keen to discuss the other day. He has suggested that there is confusion and indecision in dealing with the business of the house, and I have been waiting for several sessions to deal with this subject-

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