January 29, 1963 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Reid Scott

New Democratic Party

Mr. Scott:

Mr. Chairman, the hon. member for Drummond-Arthabaska in his remarks a moment ago mentioned that we were taking up the time of the house discussing these matters, and he asked us where it was going to end and what we were hoping to achieve. I take that to be in the nature of a question directed to us and I should like to answer it. Since the commencement of the session we have always spoken very reluctantly on these matters and would be very happy to have the entire proceedings removed from this chamber so that we would not have to deal with them. But we have taken the position that if we are going to be made to deal with divorces, then we intend to do a thorough job. We are most reluctant to participate in these matters. We wish they were not here. We would be glad to have them transferred to a competent jurisdiction when the government sees fit so to do.

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