January 22, 1963 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Leon David Crestohl


Mr. Creslohl:

On a point of order, Mr. Chairman, I think the Chair has ruled under similar circumstances that it is pointless to read all the evidence to the committee. Members of the committee received copies of the evidence and are presumed to have read it, and I do not think it helps the committee to any degree at all to have the evidence read at length now. Perhaps it does help to exhaust the very precious hour in which many people are hoping to have their cases dealt with. I am sure, however, that the hon. member does not mean to be unfair and that his motive simply cannot be to prevent other bills from being dealt with. As I say, I am
Divorce Bills
sure that is not his motive and I am also sure he will realize, as the committee certainly does, that extensive reading of the evidence is prejudicial to the other bills on the order paper and holds up consideration of them unduly.

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