January 22, 1963 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Leon David Crestohl


Mr. Creslohl:

Mr. Chairman, on a point of order, perhaps to enlighten the hon. member, notwithstanding his agitation about the document which he read to the committee, unfortunately the committee cannot consider it. That is a premarital contract. Whether the hon. member likes it or not, this is a premarital contract passed before the proper authorities in the province of Quebec and the house cannot pronounce itself one way or another in any manner which could affect that contract. It is a contract which deals purely with rights and properties within the province and for this reason I submit the hon. member is entirely out of order. If the hon. member has no other matter to raise, I suggest this should be pointed out to him, since the house has no jurisdiction whatsoever over this aspect of the question. I do not wish to pronounce myself as to the conclusions he is drawing. They may be proper or improper. The point is that if we consider them we would be dealing with a matter which is entirely within the jurisdiction of a province and, therefore, this committee should not pronounce on it in any way.

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