December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Leon David Crestohl


Mr. Crestohl:

On this point of order, I am afraid Your Honour has been deluged more by the experience than by the actual case. I know the hon. member for Timiskaming has no intention of being unfair in what he is saying, but when he speaks about investigators who have been before the courts, investigators who have been convicted, he is speaking in general terms and we have no way of knowing whether these are the people who should now concern us. Unless the hon. member has something to say which casts doubt upon the accuracy or upon the character of these particular investigators, it is not permissible for him to make the statement he made. From his general statements about investigators who have been before the courts or who have been convicted, one might assume he was speaking about investigators who appear in this particular case, in this bill which is now before us, and he might be unfair in doing so although he did not mean to be unfair.
I think my hon. friend from Bonavista-Twillingate was right on the point when he asked that the hon. member should stay closely to the allegations made in the bill and not go far afield, unless there is an association between the statements he has just been making and the present investigators. Otherwise, as I say, it is unfair and an injustice is being done to them.

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