December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Rodney Berger

New Democratic Party

Mr. Berger:

On the point of order, Mr. Chairman, may I reply briefly to the hon. member who has just spoken. The hon. member will recall that when we were debating the motion for second reading he urged upon the speaker that there should be no advocacy allowed at that stage. Now the hon. member for Bonavista-Twillingate says that there

ought to be no advocacy at this stage of the bill. I take it that the hon. member feels that there is no room for advocacy in this House of Commons. I realize he has had a great deal more experience in this house and in other spheres of government than many of us here, but I suggest that none of us who are new members of this house ought to be bashful about putting forward what we consider, after reflection, as being legitimate comments about the way in which the business of the house is conducted.

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