December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Herbert Wilfred Herridge

New Democratic Party

Mr. Herridge:

You quite misunderstood my remark, Mr. Chairman, and if you will just let me finish the next sentence or two you will see the point.
This is a record for cities of over 10,000 population, not only in Canada but in the whole of North America; a record indicative of a safety conscious citizenry, particularly in view of the fact that Trail has one of the highest per capita ratios of cars in Canada. This record set by the city of Trail emphasizes the civilized society which prevails in Kootenay West. Now, Mr. Chairman, I want to point out that if the people of the rest of Canada established such records there would be little necessity for bills of this type, either in the English or French language.
My second point is that, regardless of the care my constituents take and the records they establish in this respect, they do not get any particular benefit from that care and for acting in such a civilized manner, under this bill or any other insurance bill. I suggest that this record established by the city of Trail should be studied by the companies concerned, and even by the governments

Private Bills
concerned, to find out why this record is possible. I say it is possible because of good civic government and a very civilized people.

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